Validity Of Agreement On Non-Judicial Stamp Paper

In my application for RTI, I made a royalty stamp at the price of 10zepulsers/. The brand was bought by me in 2016 and the same thing was not used. The authenticity refused to accept the mark of insemination of the intimate is more than 6 months. Non-applicant is TLR Dist Ratnagiri MS Stamping Your agreements are essential for applicability. Stamp paper Can you buy and store stamp paper in advance? Sometimes you may buy a stamp paper, but you weren`t able to use it for certain reasons. It is quite possible that if you need a stamp paper of the same value or value greater than the value of that mark, you want to use the same stamp instead of wasting more money to buy a new product. Here`s everything you need to know about its validity and use. In the presence of the Supreme Court and under the provisions of the Indian Stamp Act, 1839, there is too much contradiction between the validity of the stamp even the authority of the government refused for the acceptance of the stamp paper, whose validity is more than six months, and in the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra people is used to doing with these things, only because their work is not interrupted. Although currently, most people do not use stamp paper after the six-month expiry, especially in Gujarat and Bombay State.

Logically, however, we can say that there is no validity, but if the Authority refuses to accept it, there is no other way for us to accept the validity of the stamp paper. Since the law generally treats oral agreements as valid agreements, you can first enter into an oral agreement and then recognize it in a written and recorded document later. Unless such a document is required to be registered by a provision of a law, it is perfectly legitimate for you to recognize an agreement of an earlier date on a stamp with a new date executed on them without any legal complications. But if you have done something to rip off the government or remove it from any duty or punishment under the Indian stamp law or any other law, you may be punished. since the validity of stamp paper is not mentioned in the Supreme Court. It is valid until it is used. If a stamp paper is more than six months old, it can be used. Please confirm under Section 54 of the Indian Stamp Act, if you do not have immediate use of stamp paper, you can refund it to the collector within six months of the date of purchase and take your money back in refund after deduction of 10 paises per cane.