Usps Geps Agreement

All of this is related to the World Postal Association agreement, which allows Chinese sellers to ship products to the same state for less than what costs us. The postal service offers customers of Priority Mail Express International, De Priority Mail International and First-Class Package International tailor-made agreements with Global Expedited Package Services (GEPS) according to the conditions set between the postal service and a particular customer. New prices are available on the Postal Explorer website® under pe.usps.com. In the article I deleted, I gave you my estimate of the likely amount of your competitors, and then I realized that our usps confidentiality agreement, which states that we cannot share information about prices, does not allow us to say. Any tailor-made JEP agreement for international shipments must include that the United States, which negotiates with international postal operators through contracts outside the UPU, would be a third potential outcome. Articles dealing with international postal matters dealt with by the United Nations could be incorporated into existing treaties with other countries. If the U.S. decides to follow this option, broader postal issues could be put in the same bag and even inserted into trade agreements. The need to adopt treaties to deal with postal issues could then become a starting point for further negotiations to liberalize trade more broadly. Just yesterday it was discovered that Chinese weapons (assault weapons) were imported into Los Angeles, you have to take into account that they were imported many times to gain confidence that the arms trucks would safely arrive at their destination.

All the large shipping containers, the ships are owned by China, and those that previously belonged to the British have been sold to them. You tell me what the American ships are? Depending on the destination and type of post, customers can add a large number of additional services to their outgoing shipments and pay a large number of fees. The postal service proposes to increase tariffs for some competitive complementary international services, including: The new prices are published under Docket number CP2020-5 on the website of the Postal Regulatory Commission in www.prc.gov. . . .