Twilio Sendgrid Merger Agreement

(c) Section 3.19(c)(i) of the Company`s Letter of Publication contains a complete list of all written business leases (or a written description of all oral business leases) for all parcels of the property leased at the time of this Agreement. The company and each of the subsidiaries of the company holds valid and existing tenant stakes in the leased property and has, in every respect, complied with the terms of all leases, subleases and licenses that allow them to use or use real estate held by third parties when the company or one of its subsidiaries holds a stake as a tenant. Sub-lessees, licensees or any other similar party and such immovable property are essential to the business of the enterprise and its subsidiaries as a whole (the “Business Leases”), and all leases of the enterprise are valid and fully effective, unless, in any case, individually or as a whole, they did not and would not reasonably be expected to have a significant adverse effect on the enterprise. ise. the entity and any subsidiary of the enterprise are owned exclusively by the immovable property or assets that are intended to be leased under all leases of the enterprise, with the exception of (i) such failures to own such ownership of tangible property or assets that, individually or in aggregate, do not significantly value and would not reasonably be expected to be substantially impaired; the continued operation and operation of those essential assets to which they relate, in the course of the activities of the undertaking and the subsidiaries of the undertaking, as they are currently in progress, and (ii) the failure to have such ownership of immovable property or assets, which, individually or in aggregate, has not had a significant negative impact on the undertaking and which, in a reasonable way, would not expect it. Except as set out in section 3.19(c)(ii) of the Company`s advertising letter, there are no leases, subleases, licenses, concessions or other agreements granting any party (except the enterprise or subsidiary) the right to use or use a substantial part of land subject to a business lease to any other party (except the enterprise or subsidiary). (e) No modification of the company`s recommendation or alternative activity contract. . . .