Targeted Admission Scheme Support Agreement

The literacy requirement for university admission is met when the English degree is completed in one of the following cases: UC is aware that this year`s Covid 19 lockdown is impacting upper secondary education and that many will worry about their NCEA Level 3 results and university access (EU). This year, we made some changes to our discretionary access conditions to support school leavers. We strive to balance discretionary access to university with appropriate measures to help our students succeed. A total of 918 candidates from Māori and the Pacific completed the mapas admission process between 2008 and 2012 (Table 2). The number of respondents per year doubled over the five-year period, with 205 interviews conducted in 2012 (for the 2013 entry). Of those surveyed under MAPAS, 319 (35%) were Māori, 530 (58%) Pacific and 68 (7%) of origin identified as both Māori and Pacific. Similar proportions of Māori, Pacific and students of Māori and Pacific origin were surveyed over the five-year period, reflecting an absolute increase in the number of MAPAS respondents, with little variation in the distribution of ancestry. About two-thirds of respondents were women (662. 72%). The majority of MAPAS respondents applied directly for secondary education (653, 71%), with just over a quarter of respondents coming from alternative or extracurricular courses, i.e. Alternative Admission (265, 29%). The proportion of respondents with alternative admission was slightly higher among Pacific students than Māori (36% versus 30%). This study has a number of limitations.

The analysis relied on secondary data and is therefore limited by the quality of the lines of evidence. However, the combination of central academic and MAPAS datasets reduced the potential for data classification using verified parentage and increased the admission variables available for analysis [49, 50]. Our research was limited to the results of the first year due to resource and time constraints….