Single Outcome Agreement Glasgow

A central proposal was the creation of a Single Outcome Agreement (SOA) between each Council and the Scottish Government, based on 15 important national results agreed in the agreement. The national results reflect the Scottish Government`s national performance framework, but also reflect the commitments made by business and community in Scottish councils and Community planning partnerships. It is equally important that, in most cases, progress on agreed outcomes for Scotland as a whole (the “national” results) can only be achieved if progress is made at the local level. As part of the concordat, councils are committed to supporting progress at the national level by improving results at the local level. Implementation Plan This plan outlines how partners will work together to achieve results on the priorities of the Single Outcome Agreement. Here you will find the draft city-wide implementation plan. [394kb] This SOA is accompanied by a performance management framework that explains how the CPC will track the difference that will be made over time by a series of performance criteria. The framework will consist of a small core of high-level measures on alcohol, youth employment, vulnerable people and target neighbourhoods. See www.improvementservice.org.uk/core-programmes/single-outcome-agreements-/ In July 2008, all Scottish councils, in collaboration with local planning partners, developed a Single Exchange Agreement (SOA). He outlined planned improvements for the local sector and their contribution to the Scottish Government`s 15 national results (for more information on national results, visit the Scotland Performs website). In 2009, the Local Planning Partnership formalized a second version of the agreement confirming the 24 local results planned for the city through 2010/2011. Each year, the Council reports on progress in the results of the unit result agreement.

The Glasgow Single Outcome Agreement (SOA) is an agreement between the Glasgow Community Planning Partnership (GCPP) and the Scottish Government, which sets out common priority outcomes for Glasgow and how the GCPP will strive to achieve these goals. Our SOA is a 10-year plan that defines the added value that partners can achieve by planning, procurement and providing services with local communities. Achieving our objectives will be a challenge in the current period due to the limitation of public sector spending. It is recognized that new ways of thinking are needed for all partnerships in order to achieve better results, both for residents and for service providers. These will be complemented by a series of more detailed outcome/achievement measures related to the specific actions of the community planning society`s partners to achieve better results for residents. The new SOA Performance Management Framework will define baselines, benchmarks, milestones and PPA targets for each of SOA`s 10-year results. The framework will be completed at the end of 2013. The concord agreement reached in November 2007 between the Scottish Government and COSLA set the conditions for a new relationship between the Scottish Government and local government, based on mutual respect and partnership.