Itv Commissioning Agreement

A production number is a unique number that refers to each program/episode. Production numbers are provided during the commissioning phase of the process. ITV expects manufacturers to comply with their guidelines in accordance with point 6.6 of the tripartite commissioning agreement. Kevin Lygo, ITV`s Director of Television, said: “This is not a normative project, but a guide project that we prefer to all producers who work with ITV, so we have a framework to discuss the magnitude of the risk and the proportionate processes that producers might therefore have to have.” If you have any questions about the Silvermouse app, please contact silvermousequeries@itv.com Please take the time to create your login and familiarize yourself with the system. Completed PasC forms must be ready when delivering the program transfer master on Silvermouse. ITV is a tapeless transmitter. The only acceptable delivery format is a DPP AS-11 UK file. Please send post-subtitled production scripts to accessservicesco-ords@itv.com, contentoperations@itv.com and compliancedepartment@itv.com More information about ITV`s instructions Earlier this year, ITV Studios put in place updated processes and guides to manage and support the mental health and well-being of program participants before, during and after production. The processes and guidelines were developed with the support of Dr Paul Litchfield CBE, who worked with the European Commission and the World Health Organization to improve mental health. In addition to ITV`s duty of care charter, which explains the issuer`s commitment to the physical and mental health and well-being of its production participants, ITV has incorporated the key elements implemented in itv Studios into its updated manufacturer`s guidelines for all program providers to outline what ITV considers to be good practice. ITV`s updated guidelines set out a framework for assessing risks to the well-being and mental health of participants and identify six general factors to consider. The guidelines also contain information on the measures proposed by ITV to manufacturers to address risks to well-being and mental health.

All measures or procedures should be proportionate to the likely risks, taking into account factors such as the format of the program and the individuals involved, and will be taken into account when reviewing the program`s boards and taking into account the nature and costs of production. Where productions present medium or higher risk elements, manufacturers should discuss their procedures for protecting participants with their itv commissioner and the ITV compliance lawyer or advisor, who is assigned to their program. This should include pre-production and casting periods, the production and broadcast period of the program and, if applicable, post-production and broadcasting. It may also include the need to engage in psychological counselling and expert support. For medium- and higher-risk productions, a written risk management plan and procedures/protocols should be in place to protect the well-being of program participants, which should be shared with ITV. Regular risk notification in the programmes and control measures put in place is a key element of risk reporting within the ITV.