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solid color stain

solid color stain Want a deck with a solid color stain? Our industry leading solid color stain provides rich, opaque color that hides the wood grain while allowing the wood’s texture to show through. Benefits of of product: One-coat coverage direct to wood Self-priming Application down to 35°F Two-coat tannin blocking Urethane modified For a …

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Penetrating Deck Stain

TWP® 100 series is a unique combination of chemicals in a professional strength, easy to apply formula that protects and preserves all exterior woods in 5 ways: Water Repellent Prevents Water Absorption Stops U.V. Damage Helps Prevent Wood Rot Resistant to Mold and Mildew Easy to Apply and Maintain Key Features Excellent longevity on both …

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Deck Maintain

What does Gemini Deck Maintain do? Gemini Deck Maintain is a professional deck cleaning solution that is designed to help sealers and paints maintain their beauty.  By preserving your deck with an annual cleaning, Gemini Deck Maintain will extend the life of your investment. Features: Professional deck cleaning solution designed to help sealers and stains …

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What does Gemini Solid-Strip do? Gemini Solid-Strip is designed for industrial strength stripping.  It will remove heavy coated finishes and is ideal for solid color stains, water-based and latex paints.  Use Gemini Solid-Strip on decks, logs, or any wood surface that needs restoring.  (For 100% acrylic water-based products, use a conventional paint stripper) Features: Prepares …

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What does Gemini Wood Brightener for Cedar & Redwood do? Gemini Wood Brightener for Cedar & Redwood is designed to clean, brighten and condition cedar, redwood and other substrates (see Features) prior to applying TWP®, Total Wood Preservative. Features: Restores grayed and weathered wood Powerful cleaner designed to clean, brighten and condition Removes tannin and …

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What does Gemini Injectable Safe-Strip do? Gemini Injectable Safe-Strip removes semi-transparent stains and wood sealers by dissolving old finishes.  New technology allows Gemini Injectable Safe-Strip to be applied with either a pressure washer or diluted for use with a TWP® Deck Sprayer. Features: New application technology allowing pressure washer injection Removes oil-based and water-based semi-transparent …

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Most Popular Stain Colors

There are many penetrating stain colors to choose from. However, there are those colors that we see more often than others. For a longtime Cedartoneand Redwood have been the most popular. But we have seen a change happening as newer colors have been introduced. Ironically, the next two most popular colors are variations on Cedartone …

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Deck Staining in Minnesota

Deck staining images. Included are decks, our prep work, interior porches and a some fences. A well rounded look at our quality deck staining.