Aib Loan Agreement

If you are applying for a loan through your subsidiary or by phone and have chosen to “set up online,” you can access your application via the “My Applications – Documents” tab on the “Apply Online” page. From there, you can view the status of your credit application and download and record all the documents related to your application. If your application has been sent to a lender for evaluation, we will send you an SMS as soon as a decision is made. In the context of withdrawal and/or execution proceedings, lenders and loan buyers may be charged with not being entitled to the requested facilities if the defendant`s signature on the underlying loan and/or associated security documents was the subject of fraud by the lender and/or a co-accused. This alleged defence may, in particular, arise from a scenario involving an insane husband and an insane wife, in which the woman would most often claim that she did not sign the corresponding loan documents, that her signature is falsified and/or that the security document associated with it, which must be applied, was executed without her knowledge or consent. Although a charge of fraud is clearly very serious, it rarely reaches the defence. The recent decision of the High Court Bank of Ireland Mortgage Bank -v- Heather and Peter Cody [1] gives lenders and credit buyers ideas on the strategies they should consider in such allegations. The case concerned a complaint filed by the first defendant, Ms. Cody, with the High Court of a property warrant for the Bank of Ireland Mortgage Bank (“BOIMB”) before the Circuit Court concerning the family home she owned with the second named defendant, Mr.

Cody, from which she nevertheless moved away. BOIMB submitted that two loan contracts entered into by the defendants in October 2005 had given it money and that the repayment of the loan had been secured against the family home by a mortgage and tax order executed by the defendants in January 2007, recorded on the land in June 2007.